7 Days Closer To The Insane Asylum Playlist

I’m at the 1/2 way point of the 2ww and losing my mind, quietly, mind you and without needing ANY MORE ADVICE from anyone who has not been through the infertility journey.  Demanding? Yes, but this is why I started writing my own blog :).  In an effort to keep the spirits up, I have created a virtual “mix tape” of songs to listen to for the various stages of an IVF cycle.  Enjoy!

  In the beginning, when even starting the cycle feels doubtful:

Fix You – Cold Play – when you try your best but you don’t succeed

Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine – I am done with my graceless heart so tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

A Little Bit Stronger – Sara Evans – I’m busy gettin’ stronger

Breathe Again– Sara Bareilles – all I am, all I need is the air I would kill to breathe

I Will Not Be Broken – Bonnie Raitt – you can hold me but you can’t hold what’s within

During stimms/follicle updates:


All The Right Moves – One Republic – in all the right places

Bigger Than My Body – John Mayer – yes I’m grounded, got my wings clipped

Follow You Down – Gin Blossoms – but not that far

Water Is Wide – James Taylor – she’s loaded deep, as deep can be

Which Way To Happy – The Magic Numbers – totally self explanatory…..

During the two week wait:


The Waiting  – Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers – you take it on faith, you take it to the heart, the waiting is the hardest part

I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons – so I’ll be bold as well as strong and use my head alongside my heart

Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie – insanity laughs under pressure we’re cracking can’t we give ourselves one more chance?

Rollin – Limp Bizkit – shut the **** up and back the **** up

To be continued……..and please share your submissions!

3 thoughts on “7 Days Closer To The Insane Asylum Playlist

  1. A few more for your mix:

    Beginning song: keep your head up (andy grammer)
    2WW: Wait – beatles, I go to extremes (billy joel), make you crazy (brett dennen), my own worst enemy (george stanford), maybe (ingrid michaelson), free fallin’ (john mayer live)…

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