Holding You Back…….Juuuust A Little Bit……..GANiRELIX

ganirelixTonight I took my Ganerelix shot, rumored to be less intense than lupron, Ganerlix is normally used on women suffering from DOR (diminished ovarian reserve.)  According to Wikipedia:

Ganirelix is used as a fertility treatment drug for women. Specifically, it is used to prevent premature ovulation in women undergoing fertility treatment involving ovarian hyperstimulation that causes the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. When such premature ovulation occurs, the eggs released by the ovaries may be too immature to be used in in-vitro fertilisation. Ganirelix prevents ovulation until it is triggered by injecting human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG).[1]

What gets me though is the fact that people are using HCG for weight loss on a regular (hollywood) basis because it’s supposed to help you lose weight…. RIGHT!!!

Tonight’s shot hurt……. makes me feel silly for doing toning work before this process. In every other scenario, tone and muscle is desired – for shots, not so much..  Two more days of this and estrogen patches, a period and then the true games begin!


Tomorrow I plan to use my new “buzzy” to help with the sting.  Developed by an ER doc to help her son deal with shots, this could be my saving grace as I transition to the next phase of STIMULATION ooohhhh!!! 😉

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